Breif History of Mesa AZ

Being the third-largest city in Arizona and a booming Phoenix-area suburb, the city of Mesa has loads to offer to its visitors. Known for its remarkable views and stunning mountains, Mesa has become a popular visit for travelers across the country. However, behind its gorgeous desert climate is a rich history tracing back to a small one-mile stake of land.

First Mesa Company

In the late 19th century, Daneil Webster Jones left the state of Utah to begin an establishment in the Arizona territory. Along with a group of colleagues, he planned to situate in Lehi, an area located on the northern edge of present-day Mesa.

Soon after, Jones initiated the First Mesa Company, drawn from which is the city's beloved name. To combat Mesa's warm weather, the First Mesa Company took an initiative to build canals throughout the territory. Word spread regarding the canal establishments and attracted loads of migrants to Mesa, AZ.

On July 17, 1878, Mesa was officially registered as a townsite. The population of the town slowly continued to grow and make advances in size, labor, and living conditions. And fortunately being one of the only areas with its own utilities, Mesa experienced a subdued blow from the 20th century Great Depression and thus saw significant growth and prosperity into the 2000s.

Williams Air Force Base

While continuing to prevail as a homely suburban city, Mesa has also played a significant role in aiding the country during a time of crisis. In the midst of World War II, Falcon Field Airport and Williams Air Force Base were constructed in the city.

At a time where the Allies were desperately searching for pilots, Mesa stepped up and provided an avenue to further the American Air Force. Falcon Field Airport has since been determined as an extraordinary historical museum; while, the Williams Air Force Base continues to be a predominant location and airport for the United States Air Force. Every day, Williams Air Force Base trains countless men and women fighting for our country.

The gorgeous suburban city, notable for its warm climate, stunning mountains, and captivating sunsets is laced with a rich history that provides Mesa, AZ with ravishing character. In conclusion, Mesa is a hearty city that has secured its place as an Arizonan location worth seeing!