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Weight Loss Chandler AZ Arpita Surkunte

Dr. Arpita Surkunte

  • Board certified in Internal medicine.
  • Medical bariatrics (Obesity medicine)
  • Over a decade of experience as a primary care physician and hospitalist.
  • Understands the complexities and science of weight loss.
  • Committed to help you achieve your optimal weight, health, and wellness.

As founder of New Viva MD Weight Loss Dr. Arpita Surkunte brings her passion and expertise in obesity management to help her patients live a healthier life. Dr. Surkunte envisions creating comprehensive individualized plans for her patients struggling with obesity and help them achieve their health goals. Dr. Surkunte's approach is to incorporate conventional medicine and evidence-based innovative methods to help her patients achieve optimal health and carve a path for her patients towards sustainable weight loss.

Dr. Surkunte is board certified in Internal Medicine and Diplomate of obesity medicine and member of Obesity Medicine Association. She completed her medical school in India followed by Internal medicine residency training at Maricopa medical center in Phoenix, AZ. Over the last decade, Dr. Surkunte has worked as a hospitalist at Banner MD Anderson gateway medical center and later as a Medical Director and Primary care physician for Cigna for several years. She has redefined her career after recognizing the need for doctors outside the current traditional care who can help their patients with the prevention of obesity, obesity-related illnesses and focus on nutrition exercise and wellness. She has extensive experience in treating patients with chronic illnesses and optimizing their health. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her 2 sons and her husband. She creates innovative ways to incorporate healthy ingredients and recipes into her family's daily meals. Apart from being a dedicated doctor, mother and wife, she enjoys her time with friends and believes in creating long-term relationships that she can cherish for a lifetime.

Dr. Surkunte will work with you to research undiagnosed issues that can cause weight gain such as medications, various medical conditions, genetics, hormones, age, and family history. Weight Loss is a medical puzzle and your success is dependent on the expertise of a weight loss specialist who can diagnose the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

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