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Patient Weight Loss Success at New Viva MD

"I was referred by my pain management doctor and decided to try a different approach that I hadn't tried before. It offers a very common-sense accountable system with Dr. Surkunte who is someone who cares about my success.

I was at a point where I needed to lose weight. I was not feeling well physically and was tired of not having enough energy on top of not feeling good about how I looked. I mainly struggled with accountability. I would start trying to lose weight and not stick to it because it became too difficult.

I found Dr. Surkunte through another doctor I was seeing and decided to try. I began the program and was ready to lose weight. I have learned many things through the program, not only about how to lose weight, but why I wasn't able to be successful in the past.

I am now able to fit into clothes that I haven't worn in years. I am now at the point that I am more confident and feel that this is not just a yo-yo diet and more of a lifestyle change.

Dr Surkunte and her practice helped me by being a wealth of knowledge in teaching me how to lose weight and not just telling me. I have learned more about how to eat and treat my body instead of working off of a worksheet and being told what to do. Understanding how and why we can't lose weight and what to do to be successful in losing weight is the reason I have been able to get to where I am now.

I have been able to do more physical activities with my kids as well as at work. I have more energy and feel better about how I look."

Weight Loss Success at New Viva MD

Weight Loss Success at New Viva MD

New Viva MD Patient Testimonial

"One morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and cried for a while and then told myself to pull it together, I didn't recognize my own reflection, I had gained so much weight which I never thought of and then came the turning point: I approached Dr. Surkunte to support me in my journey of weight loss.

Our journey started with making me understand what is this weight loss program all about. She explained to me what all should I change in my lifestyle, right from monitoring my daily routine, to giving me guidance on what all I should eat, my exercise routine she uses to take an update on each and every aspect in detail on a regular basis. I started working out more, eating healthy, being positive and became more confident. I never could even walk a mile and now have been doing marathons which is the most beautiful part of my journey. I lost 31 lbs of weight with amazing inch loss and it feels that "Nothing can beat the joy that comes after working hard and achieving your goal." Dr. Sukunte helps me to prove that proverb can really mean what they are meant for "Where there is a will there is a way!!"

Thanks to Dr. Surkunte who has been my constant source of motivation during this really hard journey. My transformation was not so easy, but it has surely been worth it all with all her help and support!"

- Alice

My journey to inner peace and stronger tomorrow

"You look amazing! Tell me what you've been doing is the buzz word around me & I smile and truth is I have started eating healthy. The truth behind that is I didn't just lose weight to look good in clothes. I did it for my health," As Dr. Arpita Surkunte took on the challenge with me and "I knew that if I didn't lose it, I would set myself up for health problems later as explained by her." I remember telling myself that it's ok to be chubby, I love to eat, why do I have to start an exercise. This attitude finally made me 40 pounds heavier. One day I had a discussion with Dr. Arpita and she motivated me to work out and eat healthy every day. Initially, it was tough as I had an appetite to eat a lot of junk, fried, Sweets, etc., But the motivation and zeal which Dr. Arpita showed in me helped me to overcome all this and I have started on a path of positive attitude and gratitude which helped me lose almost 15 pounds in the last 2 months. She is always available and gives amazing guidance.

Thanks to Dr. Arpita she has been a strong pillar and made me believe on this quote "The Struggle You Are in Today Is Developing The Strength You Need for Tomorrow"."

- AM



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