Is Your Weight Loss Program Individual?

is your weight loss program individual

If you’re concerned with losing weight, you should consider many different factors. Calorie counts are, of course, a very important component, but as tempting as it may be to place all your effort into counting calories, there’s a risk here that can undo all your hard work once you’ve achieved your goal. Calories may be important, but your metabolism plays a huge factor too when it comes to weight loss in Chandler.

Individual Weight Loss Programs in Chandler

One of the fastest ways to achieve results when it comes to weight loss is to exercise the discipline required to diet. A diet is concerned primarily with one thing; controlling your daily caloric intake. In a lot of ways, this is simple, brutal math. Your body is an engine that burns fuel. The fuel it burns is calories, and if you take in more calories than you need on a given day, your body, in a marvel of anatomical efficiency, stores the extra energy as fat. This fat is stored for a time when food may not be readily available, and thus you have “spare energy” that you can rely on.

Of course, for most people living in a developed nation, food on a daily basis is not a problem. In fact, it’s the opposite, as our bodies—still thinking that we are in a desperate struggle for survival—constantly store fat from all the snacks, sweets and other abundant food sources we consume every day.

Diets are Temporary

How diets work is simple. By exerting a bit of self-control, you simply eat less than you normally would. So, hypothetically, if your body required 2500 calories per day to have sufficient energy to operate, and you are eating 3000+ calories per day, those additional calories are turning into fat reserves. Once you go on a diet, and start eating 2000 calories per day, your body, not getting its required minimum, starts “burning your reserves,” which is your body fat.

In this way, you can simply, effectively lose weight. However, you cannot keep the weight permanently OFF in this way if you are planning to resume your normal eating habits once you’ve lost the pounds you wanted. For one thing, resuming your previous calorie intake will mean your body will start storing fat again. For another, your metabolism changed as you put your body under “stress” with reduced food intake, and is now trying to be even more efficient with fat storage as a higher supply of food resumes.

Losing Weight Your Way

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is not just temporarily reducing your daily calorie intake. Your hormones, your neurotransmitters, even the kinds of toxins you have in your body that can be removed through detoxification can all affect you how effectively your body stores fat. And of course, exercise is not just good for keeping you healthy, it is also a great way to get an intense session of calorie burning that can have a huge impact on your weight loss, especially if it becomes a regular habit.

If you want to lose weight, don’t just count calories. Find out how your body is storing and burning fat, and tailor your weight loss program to consider these factors. You’ll find that with better information about how you gain and lose weight, you’ll make better choices about the ways to lose pounds and keep them off permanently.

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