Weight Loss Can Save You Money

weight loss can save you money

When we start discussing the topic of losing weight in Chandler, most people tend to view it as an “abstract positive.” It’s generally agreed that being overweight is a bad thing, and that having an ideal weight for your age group is a good thing, but the exact pros and cons of these two conditions is often a little hazy beyond, “losing weight is somehow good for me.”

However, people do understand numbers, and they also understand professional opportunities. And it’s in these two areas that weight loss can have a tangible impact, and here’s how.

How Weight Loss Can Save You Money in Chandler

Once you commit to living a healthier lifestyle, with permanent weight loss, this will introduce a lot of changes into your daily activities. One of the most noticeable will be a reduction in the amount of food you eat, especially if your weight loss was the result of frequently eating at restaurants on a daily basis, and buying snacks to munch on in between. In the same way that a smoker who quits suddenly has extra pocket money from not buying cigarettes, people who spend less money on eating have more money to spend on other things.

The change in lifestyle, especially if exercise becomes integrated, can also mean fewer expenses on things like movies and other sedentary activities where money might be spent on both the activity itself and food. Regular exercise often requires anywhere from 20-60 minutes of activity, upwards of 3-5 times a week, and this can replace more expensive hobbies, thus saving even more money.

Professional Opportunities

People who look healthier and don’t have obvious weight problems are also—for better or worse—afforded more opportunities in the workplace. Obesity is still treated with a certain amount of prejudice in the working environment, and sadly, this is even more pronounced for white females.

People who have lost weight, that look healthier, are not subject to this kind negative perception or treatment. This can mean more chances to participate in career advancing activities, and may even lead to increased wages.

The Insurance Factor

Of course, the most important perk from weight loss, especially if you move away from being clinically obese, or overweight, should be the health benefits. But those health benefits come with a financial incentive, and that may be money saved insurance, medical treatment, or even both.

People with obesity conditions spend, on average, about $1500 more in medical services than people without this condition. It’s also a given that if you are in an unhealthy weight range, this is something that will be noted when you get a physical for your insurance, and your premiums will be adjusted to reflect the fact that you are a higher medical risk.

By making a concerted effort to maintain healthier weight levels for your age, you save yourself medical costs, which are becoming an increasing concern with the uncertainty around payment in America. But you also save on the payments you make for your insurance, and you feel better, have more energy, and are less prone to sickness. It requires discipline and effort to do this, but once you’ve achieved that, there is no downside.

Don’t procrastinate on your Chandler weight loss attempts. The best time to start is right now. Let your wallet gain a little weight while you start transforming your life and your health. Call our team at New Viva MD Weight Loss today.


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