Hypertension & weight loss

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Multi-faceted approach to control your condition

High blood pressure and prehypertension can both be managed through a combination of lifestyle, nutrition and weight management approaches. Medications, when needed, can also be used in treatment. Dr. Surkunte will develop a program to help you lower your blood pressure specific to your overall health and lifestyle.

About 75 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure. Nearly 33% of U.S adults have prehypertension (source: cdc.gov). High blood pressure contributes to stroke, heart disease, heart failure and kidney disease. If you have prehypertension, obesity or diabetes, you may have an increased risk of high blood pressure. Lifestyle choices that can cause high blood pressure include tobacco usage, high sodium consumption, stress and a lack of physical activity.

The program includes

Physician consultation

  • Physical exam, including measurement of the waist to screen for visceral adiposity and body composition analysis
  • Review of medical history including medications
  • Assessment of medical conditions (lab blood work and other tests as needed) including: insulin resistance, metabolic disease, heart disease risk, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, uric acid, early signs of diabetes, electrolytes, vitamin levels and cholesterol abnormalities

Physician-developed plan and counseling

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and activity
  • Recommendations for medication and/or supplements as needed
  • Follow-up appointment(s) for the ongoing monitoring of medical conditions including the adjustment of medications you take for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other conditions.

Note: Blood work is through your insurance or at an additional cost.


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Open for Appointments and Phone Calls

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