We Are Not Over This COVID-19 Pandemic


We all know lockdowns are easing up for several reasons in all nations!!

We may face second and third wave just like the worst flu pandemic that happened a century ago if we are not serious about this.

We need to be extremely cautious. As a physician, We have seen how people present with COVID It is not like flu. The spectrum of symptomatic infection ranges from mild to critical; most infections are not severe. Some infected patients are asymptomatic as well. We do not have a definitive treatment for COVID.

Prevention is better than cure!!

Please avoid going into indoor places for fun or entertainment.
Continue social distance, hand hygiene and wear mask.

Make a schedule and follow that on a daily basis. Try to be productive.
Eat a balanced diet.

Exercise regularly. Be active.
Don’t be a couch potato.

Try to be creative. Pick up a hobby that you always wanted to learn.

Adequate sleep is important. Lack of sleep and being stressed out can affect your body’s immune system.

Follow up with your primary care physician or specialists for your chronic medical problems.

Its critical you manage your weight. As obesity is on of the risk factors for COVID- 19 infections. Seek professional obesity medicine doctors guidance if needed.

Even without the pandemic, one in four of us will suffer a mental health episode during our lifetimes. COVID-19 is causing greater fragility and pain. Grief at the loss of loved ones. Anxiety at the loss of jobs, isolation, and restrictions on movement. Difficult family dynamics. Uncertainty and fear for the future. Each of these on its own can trigger or deepen distress.

Unless we act now to address the mental health needs associated with the pandemic, there will be an enormous long-term consequences for families, communities, and societies.

Please reach out to your loved ones, friends and family regularly and check on them.

Stay safe and healthy



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