The History of Queen Creek AZ

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In 1919 the Queen Creek Farms Company was formed by C. H. Rittenhouse, constructing that railroad stop to ship the goods from the farm. As for the creek it takes its name from, Queen Creek, flowed through Queen Canyon and was named for the Silver Queen Mine, but it was originally called Picket Post Creek. Since its incorporation on Sept. 5, 1989, the Town of Queen Creek has fulfilled residents' dreams for the community. The Town has adopted several award-winning plans designed to guide future growth, planning and land use as well as provide amenities. The Town has grown from rich rural roots to what is one of the most innovatively planned family friendly home towns in Arizona.

Before the scattered farm community was called Queen Creek, it had a different name. The area was known as Rittenhouse because of the railroad spur located near Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads. People used to flag down the train to get a ride into Phoenix. As the community grew, and the use of the railroad stop diminished, the community changed its name and took on the name Queen Creek. Today, the Town's General Plan calls for the preservation of the Queen Creek Wash and the Sonoqui Wash as public trails and open space. These washes are usually dry and home to many kinds of birds and wildlife.

In the 1920s, Queen Creek experienced an influx of immigrants who had moved from Mexico to work as miners in southern Arizona. They picked the local cotton crop by hand until the cotton gin came to Queen Creek during the 1920s. In the 1940s, former German prisoners of war from the P.O.W. camp in Queen Creek and Philippine immigrants joined farm laborers in local fields.

Queen Creek Today

Today Queen Creek is preparing for new additions to its rich cultural diversity. The rapid expansion experienced by nearby cities in the 1980s continues today. The Town of approximately 24,000 citizens faces inevitable growth. It incorporated in 1989 to preserve the benefits of rural life while providing an avenue for managed change. Residents seek to preserve the Town's friendly, small town spirit while providing economic and recreational opportunities and a high quality of life.

Since its incorporation, Queen Creek has taken steps to meet development pressures and manage growth while fulfilling residents' dreams for the community. The Town has adopted several plans designed to guide future growth, planning, and land use as well as provide amenities. Residents' involvement is sought by Town leaders as decisions are made and actions are taken to transform these visions into reality.

In December 2015, the Town Council adopted the Economic Development Strategic Plan outlining key strategies to ensure a well-rounded approach to economic development.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan embraces the overall vision for the Town, and has further identified key values and fundamental principles that the community holds, which help to underpin the goals and strategies of this plan. The key values and fundamental principles are that:

Queen Creek offers an exceptional quality of life to its residents. The Town strategically plans for growth, while fostering a diverse tax base and improving quality employment opportunities. Agritainment and a healthy lifestyle contribute to a robust economy. Embedded within Queen Creek is a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that stimulates new business creation. Fiscal sustainability is a cornerstone of Town management. The five industry clusters identified as suitable for Queen Creek will help foster diverse job creation as well as complement the Town's existing strengths. These industry clusters include:

  • Agritainment (includes Agribusiness and Arts, Entertainment, Recreation and Visitor Industries)
  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Higher Education
  • Software & Information Technology
  • Manufacturing