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Weight Loss Scottsdale AZ Alexis Mitchell Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant

Alexis Mitchell

She believes that helping patients build a lifestyle of good healthy habits is the best way to build a happy and healthy patient. She works in the healthcare industry to ensure that patients get the best care in the best possible way. She is very passionate about recreating make-up looks and making them different. She is also very passionate about being an RN in the future.

During her leisure time, she loves going to the gym, running, and watching movies. In order to help create healthier lives with patients, she could do so by helping patients make it to their follow ups and to make sure that they achieve their weight loss goal. She has a pet dog which is a mixed breed of German Shepherd and Doberman. She loves to do other people's make-up and her own.

Weight Loss Scottsdale AZ Anika
Administrative Assistant


Weight Loss Chandler AZ Clive Modesto Healthcare Administrative Assistant
Healthcare Administrative assistant

Clive Modesto

The needs and welfare of patients come first. This has been Clive's mantra since he started working in the healthcare industry as a nurse.

Growing up, he always had a passion in helping and serving the people, that's why he always carries three important and unique values: compassion, commitment and competence.

With these, he believes that he can make a difference and touch patient's lives in the smallest and simplest way possible - celebrate with patients on their small wins and success, make his presence known and give spiritual support to patients in challenging times, and deliver exceptional services.

During his free time, he loves to spend quality time with his family, watching movies and series, reading, cooking, baking and sleeping. Since childhood, he has been surrounded with pet dogs some of which are aspin (Boomer), chow chow (Pootchie), golden retriever (Shawon), and shih tzus (Chelsey, Ginger, Brianna, Thor, Ciara, Chiboe, Casey) to name a few which developed his special love for dogs.

He believes that teamwork and communication are very important factors in helping patients create healthier lives. Clive's mission is to be someone's light in finding their self-defined meaning of success in their journey to health and wellness.


7:45am - 4:30pm
Open for Appointments and Phone Calls

7:45am - 4:30pm
Open for Appointments and Phone Calls

7:45am - 4:30pm
Open for Appointments and Phone Calls

7:45am - 4:30pm
Open for Appointments and Phone Calls

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