Top Parks to visit in Chandler AZ

Are you looking for outdoor activities in Chandler? Take a look at the top parks in chandler, recommended by our weight loss consultant in Chandler.

Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler

Outdoor recreation area with trails & a playground, plus a visitor center with educational programs. This park is beautiful and has great easier trails to walk and view Arizona wildlife. It has quickly become a place I frequent with my family and dog to get outside. This is a fantastic place to view a variety of wildlife including a lot of bird species. Check with the visitor center for activities and events that will occur as well as an inside animal viewing. There is a small shop with local brands and locally appropriate books.While walking, you can see all aspects of green and exhibits, great amounts of wide birds and group of rabbits. All facilities here are user-friendly and thoughtful thoughts. We never saw a public park like this scale and well-organized. Totally relaxing and comfortable. There are additional unpaved trails throughout. It also has a really cool water feature. Saved this spot on my Google maps. Has bathrooms, plenty of picnic tables, benches, and a couple of pavilions.

Chuparosa Park

Low-key community park with playgrounds, basketball & volleyball courts & a running track.This park has many facilities, sand volleyball courts, large fields to play different sports in, multiple basketball courts, and much more. There is a playground for younger kids, slides and swings, and a water area to use during the summer months. They also have bathrooms and water fountains as well as many walking parks. The basketball and volleyball courts have lights on them, but they, unfortunately, turn off at 10 or 10:30 pm at night. It is still a very good place to go and have a picnic since they have access to Ramada as well. Great place to host a birthday party as there is a lot of space and it isn't usually crowded depending on what time you go and which day of the week you go. Great place to find people to play various sports with.

Tumbleweed Park

Tumbleweed park has Tumbleweed Recreation Center, Chandler Tennis Center, Tumbleweed Ranch, Playtopia. It's a fine park with a playground and areas to walk. There are Ramada's for outdoor but shaded parties and events. Recommended for all ages. This park delivers a huge shaded play area which makes summertime playground fun possible. The park is well-maintained and conveniently located. There are restrooms and there is plenty of parking within a moderate walking distance. The play area is large and shaded. It is manicured and beautiful. The rail swings are a surprising plus. There are different playgrounds for little and big kids. A fossil digging area, swings, and big fields to play all kinds of sports in. If you're going to visit Tumbleweed Park I would plan on staying several hours, there is a lot to do, my kids never want to leave.

Desert Breeze Park

This large public park offers a lake, splash pad, sport courts & fields, paths & a playground. This park is well laid out, has a lot of amenities and is great for a broad range of activities. It quite essentially has the capacity to entertain any sort of outdoor activity. The grounds are well groomed from the visits I've had there. I plan to have many more occasion at this park and I invite you to come and enjoy this gem as well. Playground is nice and shaded and tons of grass for dogs. So many things to enjoy here. We could spend all day. Also love the splash pad. Didn't see any fish in the pond but the water was crystal clear. Lots of duck.

Paseo Vista Recreation Area

This park is a good spot to use for access to the canal path and also has some good (albeit limited) trail options in the park itself. We did a workout that alternated between flat running reps along the canal with some hill repeats on one of the paths leading from the canal into the park. There are sidewalks and hard-packed granite options along the canal. Surface in the park itself is crushed granite/gravel.
There is a measured mile loop (with distances marked) in the park, or you could design your own loop with a mix of flat and rolling terrain. We also saw a lot of people playing disc golf and using the various dog park options. All areas seem to be very well maintained, and we saw park vehicles and workers during the duration of our time there. A great, safe option for outdoor recreation in Chandler and also a good spot to catch a sunset over South Mountain.